Friday, March 02, 2007


a pom, an arab and an aussie stumble across a lamp at a worksite, give it a rub and gets the standard genie response "3 wishes, no wishing for more wishes etc"

they decide a wish each is only fair...

the pom says "i want all muslims, arabs and pakis on an island in the middle of nowhere"

*poof*... "it is done, but you(in reference to the arab) get your wish first"

the arab bloke, obviously not happy about this says "and i want a wall, 100m high so noone can get in"

*poof*.... "it is done"

the aussie sits and thinks for a second, "so all arabs and shit are on some island with a 100 m wall round it..."

"yep" genie replies...

"fill it with water"