Monday, August 28, 2006


lmao, I was talking to this girl today, well more like arguing with her, and somewhere along the way she had said "If I'm so stupid and ugly, why do I have 3,000 myspace friends,huh?" I couldn't even answer her. I was too busy lmao.. Mother fuck this generation is going to hell. All these scenesters,poseurs,myspace kiddies..WHAT THE FUCK. Oh well, maybe they will all die of something horrible that makes them puke up blood and scratch out their own eye balls, that would be entertaining to say the least. I don't know.. I feel like shit right now. I'm gonna go take nice assortment of pills and watch lucky louie. If anyone reading this hasn't seen that show, its definetly worth a look, most likely you will find it hilarious and grow to love it like I have. hahaha.
Oh and check out
They post random links about random stuff and you can always find something worth reading.

Well I'm off, pzlv

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