Thursday, September 07, 2006


To all of you who ponder on the meaning of love and all its intrigues here is a little secret. Love is bullshit. Yep thats right, bullshit. Why is that so? Simple really, love is just a drug to get people to do stuff for you. From when we are born we use it to survive by intoxicating our parents to feed and clothe us. When we get older we realise that there are other things we want. Women are very good at playing this game but so to are men although the skill is not as universally spread amongst them.

You want something, company, to be driven somewhere, to fit in, money, whatever, you entice another into it. Its all sub concious in many ways, ingrained learned behaviour. It all gets wrapped as "love". I would do anything for love... so the song goes, well thats right buddy thats what its all about.

So when there is no more need and the love tap gets turned off, those sucked into believing it get all hurt and emotional. Christ the amount of deep ponderous bullshit that has been spawned by people wallowing in the love game would be enough to fill all the oceans with foetid crap.

Its only the strong who can survive. Its the strong who know love = bullshit. They use it as one would use any other tool to get what they want. Most importantly they know that others like them use it as it should be used and do not go whinging and snivelling when the love other moves on.

So if you want utter devotional, unquestioning and loyal to the end love - Get a dog!

You want a boyfriend or girlfriend - someone to have fun with, to look good on your arm, cook for you, buy a house for you, give you money and children etc. Use love as the tool it is, but don't expect anything else and you will be happy.

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