Thursday, September 09, 2010

hungarian suicide song

Gloomy Sunday Wiki

Surprised I never heard of this before. Supposedly, alot of people killed themselves after listening to it. Some had the sheet music still in their hands, some still had the music playing when their bodies were discovered, and others just referenced the song in their suicide note. Even the guy who wrote it killed himself. Of course, it's bull shit, but pretty interesting nonetheless.

Here is one english translation of the lyrics:

Gloomy Sunday with a hundred white flowers
I was waiting for you my dearest with a prayer
A Sunday morning, chasing after my dreams
The carriage of my sorrow returned to me without you
It is since then that my Sundays have been forever sad
Tears my only drink, the sorrow my bread...

Gloomy Sunday

This last Sunday, my darling please come to me
There'll be a priest, a coffin, a catafalque and a winding-sheet
There'll be flowers for you, flowers and a coffin
Under the blossoming trees it will be my last journey
My eyes will be open, so that I could see you for a last time
Don't be afraid of my eyes, I'm blessing you even in my death...

The last Sunday


Swift Love said...

that's something I definitely have to try!

Swift Love said...
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Come At Me Bro said...

Love it!

Gloistina said...

awesome keep finding more

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grizz said...

disturbing that so many people killed themselves

Alex DeLarge said...

quite the cheerful tune